Cracking Up

Tiny cracks in teeth are common and usually don’t cause problems, but a serious split needs attention. If you’ve ever had a cracked tooth, you know it isn’t any fun.  The crack can cause sharp pain while you chew, sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, and, in some cases, ongoing pain.  But what … read more

How Sweet It Is… Or Is It?

Dentists and the World Health Organization agree that the last thing we need is to add more sugar to our diets. In early 2014, health experts from around the world formed a group called Action on Sugar to help the public become more sugar-aware and avoid products full of hidden sugars in order to “tackle … read more

Your Guide to Braces, Spacers and Retainers

If you need orthodontics, then you’ve probably got questions.  Here, we tackle some of the more common ones. If there’s one thing that can dramatically improve your appearance, health and even your psyche, it would be orthodontics.  Most people who undergo treatment are very happy with their improved appearance and increased self-confidence. Kids and adults … read more

The Daily Grind

Chances are you’ve unknowingly done it at one time or another in your life.  And for a small percentage of the population, bruxism (grinding one’s teeth) is a chronic problem — but one with solutions. Bruxism, the medical term for the subconscious, habitual, nonfunctional grinding and gnashing of teeth, is a condition that many adults … read more

Tips for Improving Diet and Oral Health

Good nutrition is essential for good health, and that includes the health of your teeth.  Learn more about the link between your diet and your oral health — and what you can do to improve both. How does diet affect oral health? Tooth decay and cavities are caused by acid that is produced by interactions … read more

Lighten Up!

Do your stained teeth make you frown? Don’t fret. Your dentist can advise on how best to brighten your smile. If you regularly drink tea, coffee, cola or red wine, there’s a good chance that, over time, your teeth will become discoloured. Years of cigarette sm oking and tobacco use also result in dingy-looking or … read more