Our Policies:

We recognize and accomodate the busy lifestyles of our patients.

At the Promenade Village Dental Office we recognize the busy lifestyles of our patients. In an effort to accommodate those schedules we offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments for your scheduling convenience.

Our office hours are posted here.

It is a policy of our office to require two business days notice for the cancellation of a scheduled appointment. Certainly we understand that there are certain circumstances in which this notice cannot always be delivered. True emergencies do occur and rescheduling is necessary. If it does become necessary to reschedule an appointment we ask that you please notify us as soon as possible. Repeated cancellation may result in a charge for missed time.


We offer you a range of payment options.

At the Promenade Village Dental Office we offer you a range of payment options to take care of the cost of your dental treatment.

Payment plans range from discounts for payment in full at start of treatment, to a variety of installment payment plans. Our staff would be happy to discuss any of these options with you.

Many patients are fortunate to have dental insurance to help them with the cost of dental care. For your convenience we can submit your dental claims directly to your insurance company on your behalf. Few insurance policies cover all services at 100% and the patient is ultimately responsible for any uninsured portion of treatment. Our helpful staff will be happy to discuss your benefits with you and try to provide the details of your particular plan.

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